The Materials & MatterTransport (MMT) Laboratory at UMass Boston – we are primarily a physical-organic/materials research group. Our research focuses on the development of a generalized framework for engineering structures and ultimately functional devices via self-assembly and/or stacking of molecules, films, or layers of materials, to introduce new function(s) or utility. Our devices span Nano-, Micro-, and Meso-scale regimes, and are geared towards engineering, applying, or understanding matter (charge, molecules or fluids) transport across different length scales. Specifically, we study: a) stereo-electronic effects in charge transport across thin organic films (self-assembled monolayers) to understand the role of structure perturbation on the rate of charge transport by tunneling, b) controlled uni-directional flux across thin polymeric, or composite, films with application in green organic synthesis, controlled ion/charge transport, synthesis of soft self-passivating multi-layered nano- and micro-particles, or patterning holes on thin films, and, c) fluid manipulation on engineered surfaces or interfaces for applications in low-cost microfluidics for use in diagnostics, environmental analysis and related technologies (laminar flow). We also study fluidic interactions at surfaces and/or interfaces and explore application of such interactions in nanofabrication and self assembly.